November 02, 2015
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While you're getting ready to celebrate this year, here are some fun dental facts to think about:

  1. Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween each year.

  2. Celebrants will spend $2.08 billion on candy for Halloween.

  3. Major pumpkin-producing states like California, Illinois, New York and Ohio helped America grow 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins.

  4. Nearly 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities.

  5. This year the average Halloween celebrant is expected to spend $75.03 on décor, costumes, candy and fun; with total spending estimated to reach $6.9 billion in 2013.

  6. 72% of Americans will spend their time handing out candy being the most popular. Others will carve a pumpkin (44.2%), visit a haunted house (20.3%), take their child trick-or-treating (31.7%) and decorate their home and/or yard (47.5%). Three in 10 (30.9%) will make the most of the holiday by attending or hosting a party. 

  7. Nearly one out of four dentists said they do not hand out anything on Halloween, while five percent attack the holiday head on by handing out toothbrushes (Just ask Dr. Vaughn!)

  8. Not everyone gives out candy on Halloween. Ideas include toothbrushes, pretzels, fruit (such as raisins), modeling clay and books.

  9. 43.6 percent of people plan to dress up for Halloween; consumers will shell out $1.04 billion on children’s costumes, and $1.22 billion on adult costumes.

  10. According to the National Confectioners Association, Candy corn, a popular treat commonly associated with Halloween, was created in the 1880s and popularized by farmers who appreciated its resemblance to kernels of corn.

Make sure to brush, floss, and have regularly scheduled cleanings to avoid cavities!

Source: National Retail Federation. Consumers Eager to Have a Frightfully Good Time This Halloween, According to NRF. Accessed October 2015.