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September 01, 2011
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Generally speaking, people have healthier mouths than even ten years ago. Consider the following:
Only 40% of all youth (ages 6 to 19) have experienced a cavity, down 50% from a decade ago
The proportion of people who lost all of their teeth has fallen to 25%, down from 33%
Use of dental sealants has increased 64%. More than 30% of all kids have at least on sealed tooth
Adults with a college degree have three more teeth than without a high school degree
Smokers are three times more likely to lose all their teeth than non-smokers

Socio-economic status plays a definite role in oral health:
33% of all low-income adults have untreated tooth decay compared to 16% of middle- and higher-income adults
19% of kids living in poverty have untreated tooth decay compared to 8% of wealthier kids

Source: CDC and ADA 1/2006


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