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August 27, 2011
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Hurricane Safety Tips 

Be Ready When a Hurricane Strikes  


Prepare Before the Hurricane

- Create an evacuation plan with your family in the event that a disaster is imminent; learn location of emergency shelters in your area.
- Secure your home: Use storm shutters or plan to board up windows.
- Check your property's exterior: secure lawn furniture, make sure shrubs are trimmed.
- Remove debris from any rain gutters or spouts.
- Make sure your vehicles have plenty of fuel.
- Secure any watercraft on the property.
- Should you not need to evacuate your home for the duration of the hurricane, plan to keep canned food, bottled water, first-aid supplies, battery-operated radios and flashlights on hand.

When the Hurricane Hits

- Listen to the TV and/or radio to track bulletins and updates; follow the directions of authorities if an evacuation is mandated.
- If asked to do so by authorities, turn off utilities including water, electricity and propane tanks.
- Stay indoors at all times, close interior doors, secure exterior doors.
- Stay away from any windows. Find a room without windows, and take shelter there. If that is not possible, go into a closet. 


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