February 21, 2010
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New dental office opens in Woodbridge

{From http://www.puredentalva.com}

Dr. Paris Vaughn's dental office is located in this building on the corner of Hoadly Road and Prince William Parkway, next to the Harris Teeter Shopping Center in Woodbridge.
By Bennie Scarton Jr.
Published: February 18, 2010
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nowBuzz up!Woodbridge, Va. -- The husband and wife team of Dr. Paris Vaughn and hygienist Brina Vaughn are excited about the chal-lenges needed to open up a small business in today's job market.

Their new office is on the corner of Prince William Parkway and Hoadly Road.

Vaughn, who has a staff of three, said, "We are the real face of the recovery, and I feel it would be no better time to showcase this than during the February Black History month, with attention being made to a new African-American- owned small business opening this month."

He added, "When you treat every patient to the same standards you would give to your own family like we do, you can only be successful."

They have done this by investing in the latest equipment, using leading edge techniques and staying in touch with the community they serve. By offering early morning or evening appointments, they are able to accommodate busy schedules.

"We know it's tough out there so we want to make it as easy on people as possible to work their dental care around their work schedules by offering expanded and weekend hours," said Vaughn.

As the business grows, said Vaughn, "We plan on adding new employees that live in this community and more importantly continue doing our small part to help move our country into prosperity."

The office can be reached at 571-285-2577 or through Pure Dental's Web site at http://www.puredentalva.com.