Here's what some satisfied customers have to say:


"I'm a believer in Dr. Vaughn, his 'chair' side manner is superb......The fear of the dentist developed during my childhood years is dissipating. If I had seen Dr. Vaughn years ago, I would not have lost several of my molars (had to have them pulled). I had my first root canal, it went so well, it makes me wonder about the issues people had about root canals."  


"Dr. Vaughn and his staff are great. I have always been apprehensive about the Dentist so I would not go unless something was wrong. The entire staff at Pure Dental are polite, Knowledgeable and are willing to listen and work with you.  Dr. Vaughn is never in a hurry to rush you and talks with you about you before during and after so you know he is not just all about getting in and getting it done and on to the next one."    


Excellent, did not realize my tooth had been extracted until Dr. Vaughn told me. Great work!!!!!!!   


Thank you for your feedback!

    -Dr. Vaughn and the Pure Dental team.


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