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Pure Dental is proud to offer the services of Horizon Anesthesia which provides a full range of sedation services including general anesthesia. Their staff is comprised of all Board-Certified Anesthesiologists, physicians who have completed medical school, and gone beyond that training to receive significant, additional training and experience in anesthesia. They have capabilities to perform the full range of anesthesia services listed below in our woodbridge office. The level of sedation chosen for a particular procedure is based on the procedure, the patient, his/her medical history and your Pure Dental dentist preference.

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You may want to consider sedation dentistry for the following:

  • High anxiety patients
  • Fear of needles and drills
  • Past traumatic dental experiences
  • Complex Dental problems & Procedures
    (Complicated dental treatments can be completed in as little as one visit)
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Resistance to anesthetics
  • Aversion to dental sounds and smells
  • Medically comprimised patients (Asthma, HTN, DM, etc.)
  • Special Needs (Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, Autism)
  • Tremor Disorders/ Parkinson's Disease
  • Degenerative Disease (Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia)
  • Uncooperative Children & Children with ADHD

Minimal Sedation (Anxiolysis/Conscious Sedation), LMAC (Local with Monitored Anesthetic Care)

Minimal sedation is a drug-induced state during which patients respond normally to verbal commands and are relatively awake, but relaxed.

Moderate Sedation/Analgesia (Conscious Sedation)

Moderate Sedation is a drug-induced depression of consciousness during which patients respond purposefully to verbal commands, either alone or accompanied by light tactile stimulation. Patients will feel drowsy and may sleep through the procedure, and may or may not remember being in the procedure room. The Horizon anesthesiologist will be monitoring vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels, which will be watched closely in order to avoid sudden changes or complications.

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation is a drug-induced depression of consciousness during which patients cannot be easily aroused but respond purposefully following repeated or painful stimulation. Patients will have little or no memory of the procedure. During the procedure, breathing can slow down and patients may sleep until the medication wears off. Supplemental oxygen is also given.

General Endotracheal/LMA Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is a drug-induced loss of consciousness during which patients are unconscious and unresponsive, and not arousable, even by painful stimulation. There are a number of general anesthetic drugs, some are gases or vapors inhaled through a breathing mask or tube and others are medications introduced through a vein. The patient is carefully monitored, controlled and treated by one of the Horizon anesthesiologists, who use sophisticated equipment to track all major bodily functions. A breathing tube may be inserted through the mouth and frequently into the windpipe to maintain proper breathing during this period. The length and level of anesthesia is calculated and constantly adjusted with great precision. At the conclusion of surgery, the anesthesiologist will reverse the process and the patient regains consciousness.

Woodbridge Sedation Dentistry
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We are proud to serve our active duty military members as an ADSM (Active Duty Service Members and Families) provider.

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State-of-the-Art Antiseptic Procedures

Our sterilization procedures meet the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. We heat-sterilize all hand pieces and instruments after each use. We only use ADA approved disinfectants. We use gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection and barrier covers at all times. 

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